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Andrea Dovizioso Explanations

Dovizioso is just one-point away from world championship leader Valentino Rossi heading into this weekend’s event, with second place finishes in the opening grands prix. Iannone is fourth in the standings with one podium, underlining the seismic step forward made by Gigi Dall’Igna’s all-new design. 


Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the GP15, Dovizioso explained: 

“My lines are different because the bike starts to turn, so I’m able to do the line I want. The positive from Ducati is the turning has become very good so I’m able to make the entry of the corner very quick and in the straights the bike has a lot of horsepower. That has made the difference for the lap time. 

“We miss a little bit of traction, I believe. Especially compared with Yamaha, not compared to Honda. That is not so easy to find and it is not easy for riding because we lose a little bit of speed in the first part of acceleration. 

“But now we speak of really small things. Small things which become big at this level when you are fighting for victory or the podium – but which are very small compared to last year.” 

This year’s results have been especially rewarding for Dovizioso, whose arrival at Ducati coincided with a podium-less 2013, then the first signs of recovery last season. 

“After you’ve had the hard moments, especially the first year in Ducati, now we have a lot of energy to fight. When the base of the bike is good everything changes. Everything is different and the consequence is the results we made in the first two races.”


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